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Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana, acting as true agents of social change, have decided to make available to private schools in Ghana its offline and low cost technology based education toolkit it has developed over the past nine to ten years. 

Under a program dubbed “ Community of Best Practice Private Schools” (COBPP School), OLE Ghana seeks to empower and support teachers in the numerous private schools across the country to create fun filled learning environments for children. it will also assist teachers develop the learning abilities, especially literacy skills, of these children. Both teachers and pupils will also have opportunities to update ICT skills.  This will boost the social and invariably financial status of the school.

OLE Ghana has in this academic year began to welcome the first batch of COBPP Schools, located at Madina and Olebu respectively in Accra. Pupils in these schools have been introduced to various activities while the teachers have been given in service training on how to integrate technology into their teaching. We at OLE Ghana hope this is the beginning of the building of a strong community of best practicing private schools in the country.

To know how to become a COBPP School click here

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana a Non-Governmental Organization made up of largely seasoned educationists acting as agents of social change. It has worked with VSO, World Vision Ghana, USAID and the All Children Reading Partners to implement its Ghana Reads and Teacher support programmes in 85 public schools in 8 out of the 10 regions in Ghana.


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  • 1. One Stop Teacher Support Services
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  • 3. Offline Digital Library
  • 4. Advise on Best Educational Practices
  • 5. Technology Support

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