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Welcome to Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana Revision App. This app has been carefully designed to ensure a controlled environment for pupils’ self paced revision of their learning.

OLE Ghana considers revision, and students engaging in their own self-paced revision as very important for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps one to remember facts, figures, topics and methodologies that have been covered some time ago. Secondly, if done correctly it will help increase ones confidence and reduce anxiety. Basically one will be well prepared for your examination.

It must also be added that revision also helps one to get to know what his/her own personal strengths and weaknesses are. How much do you already know? How do you revise? What are the factors that usually cause problems for you in managing your revision? All these are questions you get to ask yourself and answer as you prepare for your exams.

It is for these reasons stated above that is why OLE Ghana has invested in developing this revision app. 

Currently OLE Ghana's Revision app holds past questions of major exams at the basic level in the country dating as far back as 1990). Teachers and School Exam Boards also have the opportunity to create their own question bank for the same revision purposes. The app can also be used by any (professional) body that is engaged in preparing and setting of questions for its members

Students! The Collins English dictionary defines revision as ‘to read things again’. This implies that you have read and understood your study material at least once prior to starting revision. So if you haven’t you need to get a move on because time is running out!

Revise your way to better learning outcomes with the OLE Revision App


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