Refresher Training for World Vision Supported Ghana Reads Schools

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In 2012 Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana had its Ghana Reads program selected to benefit from USAID led All Children Reading program. OLE Ghana had the unique opportunity to implement Ghana Reads in an initial 20 schools.

Over the next eight years OLE Ghana has joined forces with World Vision Ghana to deploy the program in some 40+ more schools. Recently (February 6th and March 1st 2018) it has, with support from World Vision, undertaken a special refresher training for all World Vision supported Ghana Reads schools. Why this refresher training?

The first of the World Vision Ghana supported Ghana Reads deployment happened in 2014. Since then many occurrences has rendered it imperative that such a refresher be organized. While for some schools they have had a change in headship and the new was not in tune with the program, in other instances mass transfer of teachers over the period had occurred. In a few instances disconnection from the national grid had led to the discontinuation of the program. The need to identify and put in place a strong local support team had also come up. During a visit to schools in the Fanteakwa and Afram Plains AP by OLE Team in the later part of 2017, there was a general clarion call by heads and teachers for a refresher as well.

The award winning Ghana  Reads program addresses  the  need  for  universal literacy for all Ghanaian children by introducing new ways of learning that involve the use of affordable  technology tools  that  support  learning  such  as low  cost  tablets and  the  Raspberry  Pi. Central to the concept of the Ghana Reads program is the Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL) which acts as an offline digital library. The BeLL which sits on a Raspberry Pi, can be modified to serve as an e-Library where children can go to read any book of their choice. A feedback functionality worked into program enables the effective monitoring of children reading progress as well as other program activities via a Feedback portal with its attendant dashboard.

OLE Ghana believes the Ghana Reads program is a sure way to boost pupils reading skills as they learn to read in a fun filled way imbibing the skills to read all life long


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