OLE Ghana-World Vision Literacy Based Edugames Organised

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OLE Ghana with support from World Vision Ghana has organized what has been referred to as ‘Literacy based Edugames’.

Edugames is based on the concept of Gamification which is the application of typical elements of gaming/playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity to encourage engagement with a product or service.

The games are in keeping with OLE Ghana’s twin philosophies of ‘Making Learning Fun’ and ‘Reading being the gateway to all learning’. It is also in line with World Vision’s avowed aim of promoting reading through technology to promote children’s well-being.

A total of 13 schools from Afram Plains and 12 from Fanteakwa took part. Schools were grouped into 3 zones and the winners in each zone participated in the finals. The games were held for four categories of people namely Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Parents & Pupils team and Teachers.

Pupils were tested on phonics, ability to listen and comprehend, basic grammar, pronunciation of words using the syllabic approach, word formation, unscramble words, spelling and reading of short sentences. All these form part of OLE Ghana’s reading program dubbed Reading Steps to Glory. In some rounds non-competing pupils and teachers were asked to join the competitors to answer questions. This was to send home the message of teamwork between teachers and pupils in the learning process.  

The Parent & Pupil team session was to drum home the need for parents to partner the school in educating the child.  A parent from each school was joined by a pupil to compete with similar teams from the other schools. They were asked questions relating to their role as parents in relation to their wards education, questions about their wards school and some general questions. They also had a fun round of ‘pick and act’.

The Teachers also had their fair share of the games as they took part in a  reading competition meant to rekindle love teachers had for reading and motivate them to read and to do same for children under their care.

At Afram Plains the results were as follows:
Lower primary: 1st Tease RC Primary; 2nd Abotanso RC Primary; 3rd Semanhyia Presby Primary

Upper primary: 1st Odomase Presby Primary; 2nd Samanhyia Presby Primary; 3rd Kwaekese RC Primary

Pupil/parent team: 1st Samanhyia Presby Primary; 2nd Tease Presby Primary; 3rd Bebuso RC Primary

Teachers reading competition: 1st Dankwah Mavis - St Fidelis RC Tease; 2nd Florence Asantewa Kwarteng - St Fidelis RC Tease; 3rd Kabutey Gifty - St Fidelis RC Tease; 4th Alidzi Peter - Bebuso RC; 5th Dapilah Josephine - St Fidelis RC Tease

At Fanteakwa the results were as follows:
Lower primary: 1st Abompe Salvation primary; 2ndBosuso DA Primary ;3rdAdjeikrom Presby Primary

Upper primary: 1st Bosuso Presby Primary; 2nd Bosuso SDA Primary; 3rd Abompe Salvation Primary

Pupil/parent team: 1st Bosuso DA Primary; 2nd Bosuso RC Primary; 3rd GES District Office (Non-Scoring)

Teachers reading competition: 1st Felix Ofoe Teye - Bosuso Presby; 2nd Lorreta Naa Norley M - Hemang Presby; 3rd Amoah John Kennedy - Bosuso DA; 4th Maglo Georgina - Bosuso DA; 5th Osei Nkansah Richard - Bomdwen Presby

All pupils and teachers who participated in the games received certificates of participation and mouth-watering prizes donated by World Vision and OLE Ghana. It is our hope that teachers will continue to read, and encourage their pupils to read, and that parents will become more involved in their wards’ education and lives.


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