Our Philosophy

Philosophy underpinning OLE Ghana’s General Model for Innovation in Support of Learning
Children like to play. They would like to play more of games and do activities they find fun and interesting to do. Doing more of these activities turn them into habits.

Since children like to have fun there is the need to make learning an enjoyable experience for the learner: to get him to want to learn, learn more and to learn always, voluntarily.

Our Pillars

Pillars of OLE Ghana’s General Model for Innovation in Support of Learning. The Pillars are represented by the following diagram


Theory of Change

OLE Ghana’s Theory of Change for its Model Innovations in Support of Learning. OLE Ghana’s Theory of Change emphasizes on a never



What we provide

  • 1. One Stop Teacher Support Services
  • 2. Learning and Revision Platforms
  • 3. Offline Digital Library
  • 4. Advise on Best Educational Practices
  • 5. Technology Support

Business hours

Monday-Saturday: ... 8.00am - 6.00pm

Sunday ................................... Closed

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e-Support available 24 hours a day, seven days week



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