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As the world has become smaller with people more connected  and interdependent, we can no longer  afford  to  waste  the  world’s  most  valuable  renewable  resource – our  children. Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana is part of a global community of educational entrepreneurs creating and freely sharing innovations that can be scaled to all children, especially the most marginalized, thus offering them a quality and universal basic education in ways that unleash their immeasurable talents. The Ghana Reads program is one of such innovations.

OLE Ghana’s award winning Ghana  Reads program addresses  the  need  for  universal literacy for all Ghanaian children by introducing new ways of learning that involve the use of affordable  technology tools  that  support  learning  such  as low  cost  tablets and  the  Raspberry  Pi.  Teachers weekly assign learning tasks from an LMS biased on the scheme of work.  These are synced onto 7” Android tables. Pupils, then in their personalized learning space either as individuals or small learning teams, engage with these tasks in a fun filled way.

Central to the concept of the Ghana Reads program is the Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL) which acts as an offline digital library.

The BeLL which sits on a Raspberry Pi, can be modified to serve as an e-Library where children can go to read any book of their choice. An administrator/librarian (teacher) pre selects books of the child’s level and syncs them onto 7” Android tables. A child who visits the e-Library will have a unique user name and password to a Ghana Reads tablet app. When the child logs into the app he/she will have access to the books (some of which come with self-assessing quiz) assigned by a librarian (teacher) to read.

A feedback functionality worked into program enables the effective monitoring of children reading progress as well as other program activities via a Feedback portal with its attendant dashboard.

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