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The Teacher Empowerment through Support and Technology (TEST) pilot project is an extension to the VSO TENI programme. Funded by VSO and partners, OLE Ghana was the implementer and technology partner. Its goal was to provide quality resources for reading instruction and to cause a change in teacher practice in order to improve reading outcomes in primary school.

The pilot which took place in 20 schools in the Talensi and West Mamprusi districts in the northern part of Ghana saw

  1. Improved reading outcomes in primary school pupils, in particular for girls and CWD
  2. Improved class retention
  3. Improved quality of instruction in phonics and reading by primary teachers
  4. Teacher attitudinal change as teachers adopted new ways of going about their work as teachers
  5. Evidence of teachers having gained new professional knowledge and applying it to their work

Lesson plans and resources were provided to teachers who lack such resources and were assisted to teach phonics. There has been the creation of 1035 curriculum-based lesson plans and resources for the full school year, exceeding the target of at least 500.

240 teachers have been trained in the use of the mobile platform and literacy resources, exceeding the target of 120 teachers. A social network/online community was created for teachers where they could share and support each other as well as get help from subject experts.

A 72% increase in pupils’ EGRA/FLAT results was achieved, exceeding the target of at least a 60% increase. On average, girls recorded 1% and 2% point improvement over the boys’ performance in the EGRA/FLAT test during the baseline and end-line respectively. There was an overall improvement in the performance of CWDs over the project intervention period with a mean total of 94.4 in the end-line, an average 74% point improvement over the baseline mean scores of 24.2.

External evaluators among other recommendations suggested that VSO/OLE in partnership with GES should consider the use the portal to organize INSET/professional development courses online for teachers and head teachers. They also suggested that the TEST project itself should be expanded to other schools to enhance phonics and literacy improvement among a larger population of pupils in schools where phonics and literacy development is generally lower.


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